About Pronto Comics


Pronto Comics Inc – Pronto Comics is a non-profit comic book publisher whose goal is to bring together aspiring comic creators and help them bring their work to fruition, so they can parlay it into professional work in the comics industry


Meet the Team

Dominic Sparano

Editor-in-Chief/President/Member, Board of Directors

Dominic Sparano is a founding member of Pronto Comics and has been Editor-in-Chief since June 2010. Since taking the job, he has worked to increase membership, distribution, and awareness of Pronto Comics. Dominic’s first love was inking and he still relishes the times when he can ink a page. He is the creator of the webcomic Herbert the Fish. You can also hear him every week on It Came From the Radio. His love of Guinness, Jameson and all things pork is widely known. You can reach him via email, or follow him on Twitter.


David Rondinelli

Managing Editor /Vice President/Member, Board of Directors

David joined Pronto in November of 2010. He has accumulated an array of titles, such as Head of Distribution, Treasurer, Event Coordinator, and is currently the Managing Editor. With distribution, he has coordinated to have Pronto’s books in stores that stretch from New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, by providing press kits and releases for Pronto’s catalogue. The events he has coordinated are organizing store signings for Pronto creators, coordinating public speaking events at various Barnes and Noble locations, and scheduling interviews with different podcasts and internet shows for Pronto such as the Comic Book Club. He is also the creator of Phrases to Pages, Pronto Comics annual networking and contest event for aspiring writers and artists, where creative teams collaborate to make one comic book page based off of a phrase. As the managing editor, he pairs up creative teams, reviews and edits scripts, and keeps quality control over the different teams for all of Pronto’s upcoming titles. In addition, David is also a writer for the group. His published works can be seen in BLACKOUT, MANGA NATION, and STRANGE STORIES. He also self-publishes his other one-shots and an ongoing title NODE, under his own logo Horizon Line Comics. You can contact David via email and follow him on Twitter.


Leah Hansen  

Associate Editor/Secretary/ Member, Board of Directors

Leah joined Pronto in 2011, after meeting the team at the NY Comic Con (where else?). She edits various Pronto titles, manages the Pronto blog and social media, and draws the occasional cover. Leah has a background in art and journalism. Her writing has been featured in numerous publications, including a fashion column for Hourglassy.com, sci-fi and fantasy book reviews for RT Book Reviews magazine, the Graphis Design Annuals, zingmagazine, and TheNibble.com, among others. In addition to Pronto, she has also served as editor for Art Assets LLC, TheNibble.com, Graphis Inc, the book “Landmarks of New York (5th Edition),” and others. You can reach her via email and follow her on Twitter.


Dennis Knight

Editor/Writer/Member, Board of Directors

Creator Dennis Knight has been creating comics for over six years. On the suggestion of his penciler, he decided to submit his book Cross to Pronto Comics. Fusing science fiction with urban living, Knight’s book has been greeted with accolades on the convention circuit, leading to a special kind of alchemy between Pronto Comics and Cross. Reach him by email, follow him on Twitter, become a fan of his comic book on Facebook.


Ramon Gil

Art Director/Board Member

Ramon Gil got his first cartooning byline at the age of ten and he’s still waiting to get paid. Despite that he has been making up stories ever since though sometimes for highly questionable reasons. Trained as an illustrator and graphic designer, Ramon Gil likes to write, and sometimes draws, comic book stories. His favorite genres are science fiction and action/comedy. He is the creator of The Men from DARPA, The Hard Code, Truer Than Trousdale, Senturies and Scifies. He has also done work for Dynamite Entertainment, Source Point Press, Indie Comics Magazine, Stache Publishing, The Nerdist and Bleeding Cool. Aside from creating comics he enjoys organizing events for creators including workshops, panel discussions and Diversity Comic Con at FIT where he teaches. http://www.ramongil.com https://twitter.com/ramonsgil

David J. Kozlowski, Esq.

Member, Board of Directors

Dave is a father, husband, Manhattan lawyer, sports fan, pop culture nerd, sometimes political junkie, and child of the 80s. He joined Pronto in 2015 and helped Pronto obtain its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Outside of Pronto, he advocates for diversity, equality, and social justice in his writing and as a volunteer. He helped launch and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Peace Love Progress, a website devoted to spreading joy and inspiring others. His fiction under the pen name DJ Kozlowski has been featured in Daily Science Fiction, Every Day Fiction, and Tales to Terrify, among others. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.