Meet Our Creators

Pronto Comics is open to working with all creators at all levels. Here are some of our top producing creators:


Dennis Knight

Writer – Cross 

Creator Dennis Knight has been creating comics for over six years. On the suggestion of his penciler, he decided to submit his book Cross to Pronto Comics. Fusing science fiction with urban living, Knight’s book has been greeted with accolades on the convention circuit, leading to a special kind of alchemy between Pronto Comics and Cross. You can learn more about his book Cross here.


Emily Ree

Writer/Artist – Anarchy Dreamers

Comic artist, writer, historian, part-time grad student, full-time punk, native New Yorker. My work has appeared in advertisements, educational comics, the award winning Dirty Diamonds anthology, and several up coming projects! I have a BFA in Fine Art and Art History from the Fashion Institute of Technology and am (ever so slowly) working on my MFA at the School of Visual Arts. When I’m not doing my own work, I’m teaching history through comic art! I run several History Comics Clubs in elementary and middle schools. Kids are the future, show them how great comics are! You can see more of her work at


Robert J. Sodaro – ‘Bob Sodaro’

Writer – Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl, First in Flight, Perspectives

Robert J. (“Bob”) Sodaro is an American born writer, editor, and digital graphic artist. Sodaro was born in Norwalk, CT and is best known for writing as a journalist for numerous local and national publications both inside and outside of the comicbook industry press during the ‘80s & ‘90s. He currently contributes stories to a number of independent comicbook publishers including, Red Anvil Comics, Main Enterprises, Pronto Comics, Atlas Unleashed, Free Lunch Comics, and others, including created and writing for the online webcomic publisher He covered comicbooks, films, local events, and literature comics, for and now writes for He is the creator of a number of intellectual properties including Agent Unknown, Wülf Girlz, Girl Skout Wars, The Adventures of Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl, and others. Currently he is writing a pair of ongoing comics for Red Anvil Comics, Cyberines and Owlgirls. You can learn more about Bob on



Alexa Casssaro

Writer/Artist – Cyclops girl

Alexa Cassaro is a non-binary ace comic artist and writer from the NY, NJ area. Much of their work is YA LGBTQAI related consisting of very strong sassy female characters, sensitive males, and curious genderless characters existing in an emotional and dramatic world. They support all the angsty confused teens and hope the readers can relate to Alexa’s work and not feel alone or misunderstood. Their influences include shoujo manga, anime trash, bad girls, scientific illustration and true crime.



 Simon Petersen

Writer/Artist – Slice of Life, Hackers of Fate, I was a Hippie Cartoonist, Coming to America (TPB), Don’t Laugh, Rhode Island Rumbler, Deathskool (coming soon)

Simon Petersen is a writer, artist and teacher. He lives in Denmark… this weird country that mixes socialism and capitalism like it’s no big deal. I mean, education is free? you saw it on Oprah. His work focuses on dark humor and social satire. His hero is, who else, Jack Chick. No, just kidding, it’s Crumb. He’s been published by Pronto Comics for over 6 years and will continue for at least 6 more.  You can read Simon’s blog at




Artist – Cross

ZANIS is a Brooklyn-born illustrator who obtained his BFA in Cartooning from the School of Visual Arts. When not collaborating with other artists on video games and storyboards, he is found collaborating with his favorite writer Dennis Knight on the sci-fi crime thriller, Cross.



Dez Demise
Writer – Strange Stories “The Creation”

Dez Demise is a writer who hails from the far and distant land of California. She enjoys the finer things in life such as Comics, video games, cats and wine. She spends most of her time writing silly tales of dream worlds of magic, doing the mom thing and occasionally knitting. “Let us Create”



Chris Brimbacombe

Artist/Writer – Nap Boy, American Monsters

Chris Brimacombe is a comic book illustrator from Canada, now living in New York city. He got his MFA from the School of Visual Arts and has published several stories through Pronto comics including American Monsters, and Nap Boy.