Cross #7 is Coming in 2018

Pronto Comics is happy to announce that Cross #7 will be released in early 2018!

For those that don’t know here is a quick synopsis on what Cross is about:

A Hit-man named Cross discovers he is a terrorist in an alternate universe and has to Face himself to save the world. A collection of the first six issues of CROSS.

If you want to get caught up on Cross you can get the trade paperback at Indyplanet.

For those who have been following Cross, here is what you can look forward to in issue 7:

Cabretti has had enough of Aramis’ Criminal empire and  puts a plan together to take him down. Her lack of options  forces her to  make a deal with a lower level Criminal (Speedball) to put her plan in motion. Despite her best laid plans, Aramis gets away. The Future of the city is now uncertain. Cabretti must recover from her losses and make things right.

Check back in the new year to see our signing schedule and when issue 7 will be available on Indyplanet.


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