Making Comics with Us

Its Pronto Comics mission, to help burgeoning creators self publish and thus start their careers. In order to make this as easy and efficient as possible please look below:

If you have a Completed Project (a comic that is written, drawn, inked, colored (optional) and lettered) that you want printed, distributed and promoted through Pronto Comics – Email our Editor-in-Chief – Dominic Sparano at

Please Tell Him

1) Your Name and email address

2) Your current location (I.E. City)

3) In  2 sentences or less about your project

4) 3 jpeg art examples (4mb or smaller please).

Pronto Comics prints through Kablakm, please make sure that your comic meets their template.


If you are a Writer- please email our Managing Editor – Patrick J. Reilly at

Please Tell Him:

1) Your Name and email address

2) Your current location (I.E. City)

3) What you would like to write

4) If you have a specific project you’d like to pitch please submit in  2 sentences or less a description of the project.


For Writers Working in Specific Genres (please follow the same guidelines)

If you work in Manga or Horror you can email David Rondinelli (head editor of Manganation and our upcoming horror comic) directly


If you work in SuperHeros you can email Dennis Knight (superhero editor) directly:


If you are an Artist – please email our Art Director – Jan Marc Quisimbing at

Please Tell Him:

1) Your Name and email address

2) Your current location (I.E. City)

3) If you are a penciller, inker, colorist or letterer

4) Send images or supply a link to an online portfolio


If you’d like to work on our BlogPlease email our Associate Editor – Leah Hansen at

Please tell Her:

1) Your Name and email address

2) Your current location (I.E. City)

3) Your idea for an article or essay

4) Frequency at which you want to post



We want to get you creating and producing in the medium you love so much, so thank you for coming to Pronto Comics. Your success is our success.




  • Ray Felix

    Hey guys I wanted to attend some of your meetings so we could possibly do a collaboration. I love the concepts and ideas that you guys have and wanted to know how we both expand on that vision of getting more artist’s, writers and other creative areas within comics published and becoming self publishers. I’ve been publishing since 2002, various titles along with “A World Without Super Heroes”, ( and I also created the Bronx Heroes Comic Con, (

    Hope to hear from you.
    Ray Felix

  • Hey,

    I got one of your cards at Comic Con, I just wanted to swing by and check out the goings-ons. Do you guys still have monthly meetings? The events calendar on this site seems to be empty next month…

  • olu hamilton

    I feel that making a comic/graphic novel on this planet is something I was put on this plane for. i just need to interact with like-minded people bring it to fruition. My stories come to me in a dream, episodically, no less. to be succinct, i am an artist who LOST his drawing chops years ago And I want it back. Right now, I can do lettering and logos. If this is something that could possibly interest you (i.e. contributions to your company), kindly email me at your earliest convenience.

  • Kevin Dempsey

    Hello, I met some of you guys at Eternal Con a few back and I was thinking of attending your July meeting and Phrases to Pages meeting next month. For the July meeting do you need to be a member of Pronto to attend or can anyone whose interested attend? If it is the latter is there anything that I should bring with me? Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kevin Dempsey

  • Pronto Member

    Hi Kevin,

    The meeting is open to everyone. If you’re an artist you might want to bring a portfolio, if you’re a writer just bring yourself.

    Dominic Sparano

  • Cezar Salamat


    My name is Cezar. I would like to attend your meetings to see if we can collaborate on some projects in the future. I am a writer and my brother is an artist. We are currently finalizing our first comic and we hope to meet like-minded people. Please let us know when the next meeting will take place. Hope to see you soon.


  • Pronto Member

    Our next regular meeting will be the first Thursday of November. If you are going to Comic Con, we will be at booth 2679 – 2681.

  • Greetings, I am a multi talented pencil/ink artist with many credited comic book works seeking for a place to call home. I’ve tried adding the art directors email to mine though it doesn’t seem to go through and thought I’d try a (message in a bottle) method here, thank you for your time and consideration.

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