Meet our new art director – Ramon Gil

We at Pronto Comics are happy to announce the addition of Ramon Gil to our team as our new art director. Ramon brings years of comics and illustration experience and is an avid comic book creator.

Ramon Gil got his first cartooning byline at the age of ten and he’s still waiting to get paid. Despite that he has been making up stories ever since though sometimes for highly questionable reasons. Trained as an illustrator and graphic designer, Ramon Gil likes to write, and sometimes draws, comic book stories. His favorite genres are science fiction and action/comedy. He is the creator of The Men from DARPA, The Hard Code, Truer Than Trousdale, Senturies and Scifies. He has also done work for Dynamite Entertainment, Source Point Press, Indie Comics Magazine, Stache Publishing, The Nerdist and Bleeding Cool. Aside from creating comics he enjoys organizing events for creators including workshops, panel discussions and Diversity Comic Con at FIT where he teaches.


You can email him your portfolio at