RIP David Irizarry

Its with great sadness that we say goodbye to an independent comic artist and Pronto Comics contributor, David Irizarry.

David contributed to the Blackout 2 & 3 titles and worked closely with writer Jorel Lonesome. Upon his passing Jorel said:

David and I met when I worked in Pronto Comics, an independent publisher for comic books. I’ll never forget the time Dave showed me his portfolio! I was stunned. Thrilled. Excited. He could switch from cartoon style, to images more grounded to realism, then explode with trippy art that always brought a sense of coolness that connected with a lot of people looking for unique styles of artwork. It was like his artwork would set you free when you look at it. I guarantee that you’d be entertained looking at it.
I flipped back and forth through his work, dreaming of a day to work with him on a comic. That dream became a reality.
We collaborated on a comic book anthology called ‘BLACKOUT #1’ which featured comic stories from writers and artists of Pronto Comics that have went on to publish books under Dynamite, Image, Marvel and more. I was the creator, editor, producer and featured writer of the series. But more importantly, the book wouldn’t have sold out on copies at conventions if it wasn’t for the amazing cover and artwork by

David Irizarry‘s original and stylishly unique pencils + inks and Darryl Alexander Moore

for his flashy, vibrant coloring. The mystique behind the cover I think was what drew readers in of all ages. It was my first book that I was proud to have helped get burgeoning comic book artists and writers a published work to show to big companies in the comic book industry or to show them that they can live their dreams as comic book creators. Working with David Irizarry was so enjoyable that I worked with him again on BLACKOUT#3, where he came back on board to draw comic book pages along with an outstanding wraparound cover for your eyes to see!

He was a great man. He treated me like family, always welcomed. He had a plethora of knowledge about artists and writers in Marvel, DC and Image that inspired him to draw. I watched movies with him, played games with him, he introduced me to poker. I had many moments that I cherish being with him and his friends on a regular day out of the week that always seemed to turn out special. He had so much wisdom that he shared with me about comics and even life outside of comics.