Thank you for coming to Phrases to Pages

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank everyone who came on February 23rd to our second Phrases to Pages. It was bigger and better then last time and first and foremost we have all of you, the artist and writers, who came and participated to thank for that. Pronto Comics is committed to finding and fostering new and developing talent in comics and Phrases to Pages is one of our favorite ways to do that.

In the coming weeks you’ll be hearing and seeing more about Phrases to Pages and the art that came from it. Since the art was so strong this time, we’ve decided to create 2 new categories: Runner up and Honorable Mention.

The runner up pages will be added to the Phrases to Pages book that will be printed in time for Mocca Fest, in which Pronto Comics will be attending, and handed out to professionals, editors and reviewers. Honorable mentions will be given a page on our website and will be announced on our Facebook page.



Pronto Comics would also like to thank the excellent judges we had at this event:

Jamal Igle

Chris Batista

Ken Knudtsen

Steve Walker


We’d also like to thank our generous sponsors for their support:

Brooklyn Brewery for the fantastic beer

Manhattan Comics & More for the generous gift certificate

Jeff Stark and Nonsense NYC for helping get the word out

Eds Bakery for supplying delicious cupcakes

Jack Doyle’s Restuarant and Bar for providing a great venue after the event


Finally, on a personal note, I’d like to thank the board for a job well done:

Leah Hansen and David Rondinelli did an fantastic job organizing and promoting Phrases to Pages as well as handling the front desk and refreshments beautifully.

Patrick Reilly was an excellent  host, kept the competition organized and moving smoothly.

Ellen Stedfeld showed wonderful professionalism and patience viewing portfolios all night.

Alex Amitrano produced dynamic flyers that really caught your attention.


Phrases to pages will return in the summer, July 27th. So if you had a good time, and we hope you did, mark your calenders and tell your friends.


Dominic Sparano


Pronto Comics: If one succeeds, we all succeed!

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